Wonder woman: I am a woman in wonder

I saw Wonder Woman the other day. It was incredible, or should I say wonderful? I can’t stop thinking about it. One thing to say before going ahead with this post: GO WATCH IT! (Also spoilers ahead). Another warning is that this is a quick thought process from my brain, so there are aspects of the film, production and cast that I may have not fully explored or covered. I need to see it again now my brain isn’t in constant fear that at any moment I will be disappointed.

The majority of reviews and people I have seen talking about the film have tended to be consistently postitive, however, there are the odd few who seem to have missed the point with the film slightly, thus giving it a review not much higher than DC’s other films…what films? Between Dark Knight and Wonder Woman there are no other films made by DC…

No matter what happened in the film, the slight discrepancies in the story or extreme polarisation of World War 1 of America vs Germany as good and evil (not so easy to do if you are putting the characters into this war rather than WWII), I loved watching a major franchise push women to the forefront.

The first half hour or so of the movie is based on the island of Themyscira and as an audience you are swept through various montages of a fully female army in training, the camera work at all times during the film was focussed on them as people not objects, if there was a low camera angle as one of the Amazons in their battle dress was doing a somersault it was there for the reason of showing off her action not to objectify her. I haven’t put that eloquently, but for many films with female characters you can tell the camera angles aren’t for that character but for the objectificaiton of her.

Overall the film was led with male characters telling Diana what to do or not do, and each time she did her own thing which was so refreshing to see. For example, the scene where she goes over the frontline into No Man’s Land because she sees it as the right thing to do but the men in the trenches are telling her that is a stretch of land where no man goes and it is too dangerous (the irony of them telling this to an essentially bulletproof woman was not lost on me).

As a simple observer watching a movie with women on screen I was happy – for a long time I have struggled to find a film to watch purely because I am fed up of just seeing it be all about straight white men. This film with its amazing cast changed that, and I am so glad (well this film and Moana).

For all of its criticisms, the fact that it is doing so well at the box office hopefully proves to those on their high horses that the people want to see female led films, and actually even with a “small budget” they can be fucking awesome. I am led to believe that is it the 8th grossing film of 2017, the second highest for Warner Bros, maybe this will spark another change in the films we see in the future.



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