A journey to eggy rice – BEDIC #2

Day 2 and the adventure turns to making egg fried rice – thrilling subject to be reading about I know.

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Take me to Cyprus #BEDIC1

Travelled to Cyprus to help with dissertation research – but it is a good excuse for a holiday. Also the first in, hopefully, my new challenge to myself Blog Everyday In Cyprus.

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(Warning: Author is at liberty to exaggerate) 2017 is the year that seems to have the whole world drowning, Trump as President, the UK breaking from the EU and those are just the big encompassing subjects the world talks about, ignoring the changing climate, the wars in the Middle East, the famines in Africa, the […]

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2am thoughts

So it is currently past 2am, I am lying in bed having just finished watching Luke Cage (brilliant by the way) and I can’t bring myself to sleep. No time like the present to write down thoughts from my head for this week’s post. To start with I had a really good weekend comparatively speaking, […]

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A Blessed Few – Part 1

Late. Late, yet again. I stumbled into the room hoping the blood seeping from my wounds would present itself as a good enough excuse. Torcher looked up at me from where she was sat on the floor, cross-legged with a gaggle of goslings around her. Her eyes glanced over me before returning to the parchment […]

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End of a season

A New Year typically for the society I ‘belong’ to starts on 1st January. For teachers and those in education it might feel like September, with June/July being the end. Those months in the middle a limbo of time to enjoy the sun and other such summer stereotypes. These both held true for me, but […]

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About Jane – short story

So I have been lacking in ideas or insightful thoughts recently, or at least those that I can put up within sight of people. Instead I am going to give you a short story about a girl called Jane. When I say short, I mean it stops abruptly and past me wrote nothing else (well […]

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I like trains.

But seriously, it’s true. Pretty self-evident once you learn I spent almost a month and a half inter-railing around Europe with two friends a couple of summers ago. Do you not find though when you are on a train you instantly find yourself in that limbo stage where you cannot be held responsible for life […]

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